Nearby hotels are Hotel Gellért and Hotel Duna Mercure. Although we prebooked a block of rooms in Hotel Gellért, if you visit its booking page directly, you might get better prices but with more strict cancellation policies. The similar booking page of Hotel Mercure Duna can be reached here.

Hotel Gellért rooms

Economy single room on the courtyard side (1 single bed): 65 €/day
Standard single room on the courtyard side (1 single bed): 90 €/day
Economy double room on the courtyard side: 120 €/day
Standard double room with river or hill view,for single use / 2 people: : 120/140 €/day

Hotel Gellért location

The Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotel in Budapest situated only 15-20 minutes walk from the conference venue. The furniture of the single rooms, however, are simple and not renovated yet. The atmosphere and the most famous Spa of Budapest belonging to the Hotel compensate this drawback.

Hotel Gellért booking

We have reserved 15 single rooms with shower, 5 single rooms with bath and 5 double rooms for the participants. Everybody is asked to arrange the booking her/himself by filling in the FORM and sending back to the Hotel before 16th of April .

Hotel Gellért Spa

Those of you who stay more then three nights can freely use the thermal bath:

Gellért Spa Gellért Spa Gellért Spa

There are many wonderful spas and thermal baths in Budapest, but the most beautiful one has to be the Gellért, attached to the hotel of the same name. Built in 1918 in Art-Nouveau, the main hall with glass roof and Roman-style columns is the most striking. Stick your head under one of the stone lions out of whose mouth water rushes out...