Aim and history of the conference

This conference is the sattelite meeting of the workshop on Finite-size Technology in Low Dimensional Quantum Systems (VII) to be held in Budapest between 16 - 27 June 2014. The workshop is the continuation of the previous programs I, II, III, IV, V, VI with the same title and aims to discuss ideas and collaborate among the invited participants on the aspects of


The workshop venue is the guest house of the Limnological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences located at TIHANY Klebelsberg Kuno utca 3.


The conference is sponsored by: MTA Lendulet Program, OTKA, NEFIM, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Eötvös University, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

International advisory board

Changrim Ahn
Patrick Dorey
Rafael Nepomechie
Luis Miramontes
Giuseppe Mussardo
Paul Pearce
Chaiho Rim

Local organizers, participants

Zoltán Bajnok
János Balog
Árpad Hegedűs
László Holló
József Konczer
Márton Kormos
Máté Lencsés
László Palla
Balázs Pozsgay
Gábor Pusztai
Gábor Takács
Gábor Zsolt Tóth