István B Földes


physicist, sci. advisor, Dr. Hung. Acad. Sci.

Office: Wigner Research Centre for Physics,

H-1525 Budapest, P.O.B. 49, Hungary

Phone : (36-1) 392-22-22-3464

Mobile: (36-30) 5711481
foldes.istvan (at)






honorary professor at the University of Szeged, Department of Experimental Physics,  HILL Laboratory.

Fields of interest: plasma physics, laser interaction with matter

EUROFUSION RoHGIFE (Routes to Inertial Fusion Energy) Enabling Research project


Lecture on laser fusion (in Hungarian)

List of publication


Course on „Introduction to the Physics of Laser Plasmas” (Hungarian)

Bevezetés a lézerplazmák fizikájába

(Szegedi Tudományegyetem, MSc és PhD diákok számára)


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Organizer of the conference ECLIM 2010, 31st European Conference on Laser Interaction with Matter, Budapest, 6-10 September 2010

Previous conference: IAMPI 2006, Interaction of Atoms, Molecules and Plasmas with Intense Ultrashort Laser Pulses, Szeged, 1-5 October 2006