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Dr. Andrea Opitz

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Open position
31st May 2021

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Space Physics Research Group at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics: Space PD

Breaking News
30th June 2017

Parker Solar Probe at Minden Tudás

Public Outreach
24th April 2017

Ridikül Talk Show

Breaking News
16th September 2016

Reestablished contact with the NASA STEREO-B solar spacecraft:

STEREO-B contact

Hungarian TV: Minden Tudás (Hungarian)

Breaking News
5th September 2016

The ESA Rosetta-Philae comet lander found:

Philae found

ESA press release (English)

Public Outreach
25th May 2016

Ridikül Talk Show:


Adásban (On air)
Tudós Nők (Female scientists)
Nők a tudomány világában (Hungarian)

Breaking News
8th March 2016

International Women's Day:


El país (article)
El país (photos)
The Times (South Africa)

Public Outreach
7th September 2015

Solar wind interaction with Venus, Earth and Mars

Planetary Space Weather in service for Earth
A bolygók űridőjárása a Föld szolgálatában
by Zoltán Trupka in the journal Élet és Tudomány

Breaking News
15th June 2015

The ESA Rosetta-Philae comet lander woke up:

Philae wakes up

ESA press release (English)

Breaking News
26th May 2015

The blue aurora on the red planet:

Blue Aurora at Mars (Lilensten et al. 2015)

CNRS press release (French)
NASA press release (English)
Űrvilág article (Hungarian)
National Geographic - Hungary (Hungarian)
Aalto article (English)
Aalto article (Finnish)
Another article (French)
And another article (French)

Breaking News
24th February 2015

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ESA magyar
The Hungarian flag at ESA/ESTEC on 24th February 2015.
Space Scientist
Wigner Research Centre for Physics
Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Department of Space Physics and Technology
Space Physics research group
Budapest (Hungary)

Inner Heliosphere

Teaching at Eötvös University in Budapest (Hungary)
  • A Naprendszer fizikája (Physics of the Solar System) by Prof. Károly Szegő et al. :
    2017 Autumn Semester
    2016 Autumn Semester
    2016 Spring Semester
  • Fizika Haladó Labor (Physics Advanced Laboratory Courses):
    Magnetohidrodinamikai hullámok vizsgálata (MHD waves) by Dr. Andrea Opitz
  • Andi in Volendam (2012)

    Old news
    The last parts of the MIR space station impacted in the South Pacific at 6:57 ETC on 23rd March 2001.

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