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MSc in Hungary

BSc and MSc studies in Astronomy and in Meteorology in 1997-2003 at Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary

MSc thesis in Astronomy at KFKI / RMKI (today Wigner FK / RMI): Study of the Jovian plasma environment by comparing the Cassini CAPS in-situ plasma measurements during the Jupiter flyby with the BATS-R-US three-dimensional adaptive-grid MHD model results in cooperation with the University of Michigan.

MSc thesis in Meteorology at Eötvös University (Department of Physics of Complex Systems): Comparison of the terrestrial and Jovian atmospheric circulation focusing on vortex stability.

Teaching Assistant for Astronomical observations at Eötvös University in 2001.

IAGA in Sopron
IAGA conference in Sopron (2009)

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