Inner Heliosphere

Inner Heliosphere research group funded by OTKA grant FK 128548

  • Dr. Andrea Opitz (PI) - Senior Research Fellow (Wigner RCP)
  • DSc. Géza Erdős (senior member) - Retired Research Associate (Wigner RCP)
  • Dr. Melinda Dósa (junior member) - Research Fellow (Wigner RCP)
  • Gábor Tróznai (junior member) - Research Engineer (Wigner RCP)
  • Ákos Madár (junior member) - PhD student (Eotvos University and Wigner RCP)

  • Research: The investigation of the plasma physical processes in the heliosphere is strongly limited by the small number of spacecraft making in situ measurements in single points. This project aims to connect the data of those measurements in order to best exploit the information about the structures and dynamical processes in the heliosphere. The main goal of the project is to establish models and methods for the spatial extrapolation of the plasma characteristics measured by space probes to other places in the heliosphere. This investigation has practical benefits such as the determination of plasma conditions near Earth or other planets, which influence space weather at those bodies. Forecasting the plasma parameters to be measured by a new spacecraft is also useful to plan the missions and to provide test data for the development of data analysis tools before launch.

    Services: Soltra

  • Melinda Dósa - PhD thesis (2019): Long-term recurrences in the heliospheric magnetic field
  • Ákos Madár - MSc thesis (2019)

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