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1-Oct-18 Tracker (Pixel/Strips) performance CMSWeek2.. Tamas Almos Vami A  
7-Sep-18 Searches for strong production of super.. CORFU2018 Tamas Almos Vami A X  
27-Aug-18 Recent results in Higgs and BSM search.. QCD@LHC.. Dezso Horvath X F  
10-Sep-17 Tracking Performance and alignment of .. VERTEX2017 Viktor Veszpremi A X  
3-Sep-17 Performance verification of the CMS Pha.. PSD11 Viktor Veszpremi A A 2017/339
28-Aug-17 Higgs physics results from a QCD persp.. QCD@LHC Dezso Horvath X F  
21-Aug-17 Femtoscopy with identified hadrons in p.. BGl 17 Ferenc Sikler X X 2017/314
13-Jul-17 Search for new physics with CMS at LHC Baikal 2017 Dezso Horvath X F  
5-Jul-17 Multiplicity dependence of the productio.. EPS-HEP2017 Ferenc Sikler A A 2017/232
22-May-17 Study of the CMS Phase 1 Pixel Pilot Bla.. TIPP2017 Tamas Almos Vami A F 2017/389
15-May-17 Testing the Standard Model and Search .. FFK2017 Dezso Horvath X F  
6-Dec-16 Search for New Particles with CMS at LHC Zimanyi2016 Dezso Horvath X F  
2-Mar-16 Study of Z boson production in pPb colli.. Posters@L.. Anna Zsigmond A A  
22-Feb-16 The Phase 1 upgrade of the CMS pixel d.. Trento 2016 Viktor Veszpremi A A  
7-Dec-15 First 13 TeV results from CMS Zimanyi Sc.. Ferenc Sikler A A  
31-Oct-15 Evaluation of NoSQL prototypes for the .. IEEE-NSS-.. Roland Sipos A X  
9-Oct-15 First 13 TeV results from CMS ISMD2015 Ferenc Sikler A A 2015/314
31-Aug-15 Study of the CMS Phase 1 Pixel Pilot Bla.. LHCP2015 Tamas Almos Vami A F  
29-Jun-15 Final Run 1 electroweak results from CMS HardProbes.. Anna Zsigmond A F 2015/155
27-May-15 New Results on the Higgs Boson from C.. ACFC 2015 Dezso Horvath X F  
13-Apr-15 NoSQL technologies for the CMS Conditi.. CHEP2015 Roland Sipos A X 2015/076
1-Dec-14 Exploring the pPb ridge effect with CMS: .. Zimanyi2014 David Englert A A  
1-Dec-14 New data on the Higgs boson by CMS FFK-14 Dezso Horvath X F  
1-Dec-14 Probes of nuclear parton distribution fun.. Zimanyi2014 Anna Zsigmond A F  
1-Dec-14 Femtoscopy and spectra of identified ha.. Zimanyi2014 Ferenc Sikler A A  
21-Sep-14 Study of Z boson production in pp, pPb .. HQ2014 Anna Zsigmond A F 2014/370
1-Sep-14 Radiation Experience with the CMS Pixel .. PIXEL2014 Viktor Veszpremi A X 2014/394
25-Aug-14 Femtoscopy with identified hadrons in p.. WPCF 2014 Ferenc Sikler A A 2014/417
10-Aug-14 Calibration of the CMS Pixel Detector at .. ICPS2014 Tamas Almos Vami A F  
2-Jul-14 Calibration of the CMS Pixel Detector at .. ICHEP 2014 Tamas Almos Vami A F 2014/274
23-Jun-14 Twenty Years of Searching for the Higgs .. Protvino XXX Dezso Horvath X F 2014/169
15-Jun-14 Calibration of the Pixel Detector of the C.. IPAC14 Tamas Almos Vami A F  
19-May-14 Z and W production in pp, pPb and PbPb .. QM2014 Anna Zsigmond A F 2014/136
19-May-14 Bose-Einstein correlations with identifie.. QM2014 Ferenc Sikler X A  
2-Dec-13 Flow measurements at CMS Zimanyi2013 David Englert X F  
2-Dec-13 Inclusive production of identified hadron.. Zimanyi2013 Ferenc Sikler X A  
2-Dec-13 Centrality measurement of pPb collision.. Zimanyi2013 Anna Zsigmond X F  
7-Oct-13 CMS physics overview (with special em.. FFK 2013 Dezso Horvath X F  
7-Oct-13 Operation and performance of the CMS .. IPRD13 Viktor Veszpremi A A 2013/437
8-Sep-13 Electroweak bosons in CMS IS2013 Anna Zsigmond A F 2013/450
8-Sep-13 Identified particles in pPb collisions in C.. IS2013 Ferenc Sikler X A 2013/458
2-Sep-13 Z boson production in Pb-Pb collisions in .. ISS25 Anna Zsigmond A F  
21-Aug-13 Search for the Higgs Boson: a Numerica.. CCP-2013 Dezso Horvath X F 2013/266
15-Aug-13 Calibration and performance of the CMS .. ICPS-2013 Tamas Almos Vami A F  
2-Aug-13 HUNTING THE HIGG-BOSON: IS IT FOU.. Symmetry2.. Dezso Horvath X F  
9-Jun-13 Z boson production in PbPb collisions in .. ESHEP2013 Anna Zsigmond A F  
6-May-13 Dilepton measurements from pPb collisi.. pA2013 Anna Zsigmond A F  
6-May-13 Measurements of hadron production in .. pA2013 Ferenc Sikler A A  
1-Feb-13 Tsallis fitting of the CMS data HIF-CERN Ferenc Sikler A X  
4-Dec-12 Search for Higgs and SUSY in the CMS e.. Zimanyi2012 Dezso Horvath A F  
3-Dec-12 New results on cross section and diffract.. MBUEWG Anna Zsigmond A F  
3-Dec-12 New results on multiplicites and particle .. MBUEWG Ferenc Sikler A A  
3-Dec-12 Results on photon and electroweak boso.. Zimanyi2012 Anna Zsigmond A F  
3-Dec-12 Low momentum particle identification a.. Zimanyi2012 Ferenc Sikler A A  
11-Sep-12 News on the Search for Higgs and SUSY .. FPC2012 Dezso Horvath X F  
4-Jun-12 CMS plans for data taking pA@LHC Ferenc Sikler A A  
27-May-12 Measurement of charged hadron R_AA a.. HardProbes.. Krisztian Krajczar A F 2012/151
15-May-12 Some recent CMS results on particle spe.. NA61 / NA.. Ferenc Sikler A A  
29-Mar-12 Inelastic cross section measurements in .. DIS 2012 Anna Zsigmond A F 2012/051
26-Mar-12 Inclusive hadron production in p-p collis.. DIS 2012 Ferenc Sikler A F 2012/059
28-Nov-11 Overview of the Heavy Ion results from .. Zimá.. Anna Zsigmond A F  
28-Nov-11 Review of QCD results from CMS Zimá.. Ferenc Sikler A A  
25-Nov-11 Quarkonium production measured in Pb.. 8th Vienna .. Anna Zsigmond A F  
23-May-11 Pseudorapidity dependence of charged .. QM2011 Krisztian Krajczar A F 2011/089
29-Nov-10 Overview of QCD results from CMS Zimá.. Ferenc Sikler X A  
29-Nov-10 Studies of the tracker material in the C.. Zimá.. Anna Zsigmond X F  
29-Nov-10 Strangeness results in p-p + first look a.. Zimá.. Krisztian Krajczar X F  
17-Aug-10 Measurements of hadron production at .. HCBM 2010 Ferenc Sikler X A 2011/006
15-Aug-10 Spectra of weakly decaying identified pa.. HCBM 2010 Krisztian Krajczar A F 2011/004
22-Jun-10 QCD analysis in CMS using LCG Regional Ti.. Ferenc Sikler X A  
19-Apr-10 Highlights from CMS DIS2010 Ferenc Sikler X F 2010/094
19-Apr-10 QCD Physics from CMS DIS2010 Krisztian Krajczar A F 2010/095
16-Jul-09 Charged particle spectra at CMS EPSHEP09 Krisztian Krajczar X F 2009/234
3-Apr-09 Measurements of high-pT probes in hea.. QM2009 Gabor Veres X F 2009/183
4-Feb-09 Correlation and multiplicity measureme.. HighpT-Pra.. Gabor Veres X F  
26-Nov-08 Preparation for the first p+p physics wit.. RHIC Scho.. Gabor Veres X F  
25-Nov-08 CMS at LHC status report, physics with i.. RHIC Scho.. Sandor Szeles X A  
9-Nov-08 Jet Quenching Studies in CMS PANIC 08 Gabor Veres X F  
9-Nov-08 QCD Studies with CMS PANIC 08 Krisztian Krajczar X F  
27-Oct-08 The Study of the Minimum Bias events MPI@LHC Ferenc Sikler X A  
30-Sep-08 First physics with hadrons and the Unde.. SPLIT08 Ferenc Sikler X A 2009/002
16-Mar-08 Towards the measurement of charged h.. TOKAJ08 Ferenc Sikler X 2008/077
16-Mar-08 Measuring nuclear modification factors a.. TOKAJ08 Krisztian Krajczar X F 2008/080
24-Jun-07 Soft probes of high density QCD physics .. SQM 2007 Ferenc Sikler X  
17-Mar-07 Heavy Ion Physics with CMS Moriond QC.. Ferenc Sikler X