Project leader: Biró Tamás Sándor ( tsbiro@sunserv.kfki.hu )    

Workplace: MTA KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Theory Division    


    1. Hadronization

Many researcher from our institute take part in the investigations at CERN aiming to observe quark matter. Purpose of the thesis project is to describe theoretically the process of transformation from quark to hadron matter using both analytic and numerical computations. Mainstream of this research is the study of the speed and result of this transition on the basis of microscopic models.


    2. Chaos in classical field theory

Partially connected to the above outlined investigations we study the chaotic dynamics of classical nonabelian gauge theories by methods of lattice theory. Statistical properties of chaotic characteristics, as the Lyapunov spectrum, among uniformly random and quantum biased field configurations are subject to recent research with the aim of understanding color confinement as well as the mutual connections between quantum and classical field theory. This project is part of collaborations with TU - Vienna and Duke University NC, USA.