Biró Tamás Sándor's

special lecture course for physics majors and PhD students on


    Introduction into the method of path integrals


The aim of this course is to introduce an important method of modern theoretical physics, applied from the simple diffusion til gauge theory. For those aiming at specialization in theoretical physics, these lectures provide a solid basis for learning the concept and methods of path integrals.


  1. A brief history of the path integral
  2. The generating function of diffusion
  3. The path integral of diffusion
  4. The Green function of the classical oscillator
  5. Classical and quantum mechanics in canonical formalism
  6. The Feynman Path Integral (FPI)
  7. Path integral over coherent states

Lecture time each Tuesday 8:30 - 10.00 BME (Technical University Budapest) F 1

First lecture:         September 14, 1999