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  1. superconformal algebra
  2. Green-Schwarz string as a coset model
  3. integrability of the classical superstring
  4. lightcone gauge fixing
  5. decompactification limit, perturbative S-matrix
  6. symmetries, exact S-matrix
  1. centrally extended su(2|2) algebra
  2. exact S-matrix, dispersion relation
  3. bound-states
  4. asymptotic Bethe Ansatz
  5. Luscher correction
  6. Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz

The aim of the course is to introduce methods, used to solve classical and quantum integrable models, based on the example of the sine (sinh)-Gordon field theory.

  1. Classical integrable models: multiparticle solutions, time delays, conserved charges, integrability
  2. Quantum integrable models:
    1. Conformal quantization scheme: free boson CFT, its perturbations and their integrability
    2. Lagrangian quantization scheme: scattering matrix, its connection to correlators and its analytical structure
    3. Bootstrap quantization scheme: properties of the integrable S-matrix, Zamolodchikov-Fateev algebra, bootstrap program
    4. Quantization via lattice regularizations: inhomogenous XXZ model, its solution and double scaled limit
    5. Correlation functions from form factors: form factor bootstrap
  3. Quantum integrable models in finite volume: Bethe-Yang equations, Lüscher corrections, Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz
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