Permanent members

Zoltán Bajnok, group leader image of Bajnok Zoltán Integrable aspects of the AdS/CFT correspondence, integrable QFTs, integrable spin chains, perturbed CFTs
János Balog, scientific advisor image of Balog János 2 dim integrable models, AdS/CFT integrability, sigma models, lattice field theory
Árpád Hegedűs, senior research fellow image of Hegedűs Árpád AdS/CFT integrability, integrable models
Gábor Zsolt Tóth, research fellow image of Tóth Gábor Zsolt Conformal field theories, integrable models, gravity
Gábor Pusztai, research fellow image of Gábor Pusztai integrable many-particle systems, Yang--Baxter-type equations and r-matrices, group theoretical methods in physics

Postdoctoral fellows

Minkyoo, Kim, postdoctoral fellow Minkyoo Kim  képe Integrable deformation of AdS/CFT integrability, correlation function of closed/open strings, relation between classical and quantum integrability


László Holló, PhD. student Hollo László képe Integrable defects, boundary and defect form factor program, integrability in AdS/CFT, financial mathematics
József Konczer, PhD. student Konczer József  képe AdS/CFT integrability, classical form factors
Tamas Gombor, PhD. student Gombor Tamas képe Algebraic Bethe Ansatz, boundary spin chains, integrable models
Márton Lájer, MSc. student image of Marton Lajer Truncated Hilbert space approach, integrable models

Former members

Francesco Buccheri, postdoctoral fellow image of Francesco Buccheri
Zoltán Laczkó, BSc. student image of Zoltan Laczko