András László

Currivulum Vitae (in Hungarian: Szakmai önéletrajz)

Selected publications

Recent activity

  1. High energy particle physics and detector development:
    Member of the REGARD detector development group.
    See the paper JINST 11 (2016) P10017 [arXiv:1605.06939], NIM A763 (2014) 372 [arXiv:1401.4392], JINST 15 (2020) P07013 [arXiv:2004.11358].
    Former research fellow at NA61/SHINE experiment at the SPS accelerator at CERN. See the paper NIM A798 (2015) 1 [arXiv:1505.01004].

  2. Field theory and general relativity:
    Symmetries in field theory. See the paper J.Phys.A50 (2017) 115401 [arXiv:1512.03328], IJMPA 31 (2016) 1645041 [arXiv:1507.08039], Proceedings of QTS10 [arXiv:1801.03463].
    GR experiments with spin precession. See the papers CQG 35 (2018) 175003 [arXiv:1803.01395], PoS SPIN2018 (2019) 182 [arXiv:1901.06217].
    Development and numerical research with the GridRipper hybrid AMR and spectral PDE solver. See the paper CQG 30 (2013) 015010 [arXiv:1207.5837].

  3. Spectrum unfolding methods in probability theory and data analysis:
    See the paper SIAM JUQ 4 (2016) 1345 [arXiv:1404.2787], JPCS 368 (2012) 012043 [arXiv:1111.3387], J.Phys.A39 (2006) 13621 [arXiv:math-ph/0601017], and the libunfold.tar.gz library.