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OTKA=Hungarian Scientific Research Fund
EU=European Union

Printed media

Physics World (Oct, 1990)
Minds, quantum measurement, and gravity
Michael Berry quotes John Bell discussing "Diosi's developments".

Világgazdaság (Sept 28, 2000)
Kvantummechanika a gyakorlatban
B.H.L. interviewed "Lajos Diósi, physicist of HAS Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics" (in Hungarian).

Világgazdaság (Sept 28, 2001)
Centiket haladt a kvantumfizika
Zoltán Torontáli interviewed "Lajos Diósi, physicist of KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics" (in Hungarian).

Quanta Magazine (Oct 31, 2013) 
Scientific American (Nov 5, 2013)
Physicists Eye Quantum-Gravity Interface
Natalie Wolchover quotes "Lajos Diósi of the Wigner Research Center for Physics in Hungary".

Nautilus (Oct 8, 2015)
How big can Schrödinger's kittens get?
Philip Ball quotes "the Hungarian physicist Lajos Diósi".

El Universal (Nov 3, 2017)
Proponen una explicacion del origen de la energia oscura
Leonardo Huerta Mendoza quotes "los trabajos de ... y Lajos Diosi". 

Quanta Magazine (March 6, 2018)
The Atlantic (March 9, 2018)
Physicists Find a Way to See the 'Grin' of Quantum Gravity
Natalie Wolchover quotes "the Hungarian researcher Lajos Diósi". 

New Scientist (Apr 14, 2018)
Perfect Disharmony
Anil Ananthaswamy interviewed "Lajos Diósi of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Budapest, Hungary".

Pour la Science (26 Dec, 2018)
Et si la gravité n'était pas quantique?
Antoine Tilloy quotes "physicien hongrois Lajos Diósi".

Scientific American (Apr, 2019)
Quantum Gravity in the Lab
Tim Folger interviewed "Lajos Diósi, a theoretical physicist at the Wigner Research Center for Physics in Budapest".

Science (Sept 7, 2020)
One of quantum physics' greatest paradoxes may have lost its leading explanation
George Musser interviewed "Lajos Diósi, now at the Wigner Research Center".

Physics World (Oct 10, 2020)
Physicists place fresh limits on gravity's role in wavefunction collapse
Isabell Dumé wrote "Researchers in Italy, Germany and Hungary have now set important constraints on this so-called Diósi-Penrose model".

Pour la Science (19 Nov, 2020)
Une interprétation de la mécanique quantique à l'épreuve de l'expérience
Sean Bailly wrote about a model "dit de Diósi-Penrose" ... "par le Britannique Roger Penrose ... et Lajos Diósi, du centre de recherche Wigner pour la physique, à Budapest, en Hongrie".

News portals

24.hu (Dec 18, 2020)
Such physics perplexes even the greatest scientists
Exclusive report by Nikolett Nagy (in Hungarian).