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This is I.

My latest studies:

Is about sustainable consumption, the Bródy-Martinás-Sajó model --- Ice age life and thermodynamic economy

Wheat or rye? But what is wheat? --- Are we eating mainly goat grass?

How to use Statistics if N cannot go to Infinity? --- Annual rings, sunspot relative numbers, Sumerian kings & such. KFKI-1998-02/C

An opinion about the SN scenario of Permo-Triassic extinction. Anthropic principle does not help here and drakonic (saurian) one is doubtful.

How did we walk proudly with erect hindlimbs amidst death, putrefaction and radiation under magenta skies; and did it happen at all? A contribution to the future closing report of IGCP384 from a Hungarian coworker.

Padvarninkai, the almost forgotten meteorite. Almost Martian?

A witness of turbulent times?

Newest views in mammanogenesis and P/T spherules

Are monotremes true mammals or something mimicking them? ---Or maybe they are the mammals and we are tritheledonts?

Six legs good, four legs bad; on mere four legs you are hindered in evolution of Mind. Then why are we tetrapods?

Rise of fall of the idea of our own apeman?

Rudapithecus hungaricus: ubi es?

Hungarian Rudaape: whither hast thou gone?

Magyar Rudamajom: hová lettél?

Uhorská rudaopica: kam si zmiznúla?

Are we hybrids of proto-chimps and something superhuman, as Toumai, Sahelanthropus tchadensis? ---And see an old paper from 1990, just translated from ChiWriter and Grapher.

A story about a mysterious kidney dysfunction, about a very interesting stroke and about teerite hills and nations. I am serioius. ---More or less.

On the generally ignored correlations among Faith, Intelligent Creation, and the structures of English and Magyar languages.

How to demonstrate the evolution of the notion of Holy Trinity in 2 dimensions?

Something on Time’s Arrow and Heat Death under unusual circumstances (for thermodynamists, at least). The Universe is a thermodynamic system which needs caution. Even the k=+1 closed Universe is not a closed thermodynamic system because some of its extensives change. Energy E does because Energy is not conserved in General Relativity and Volume V does because of expansion/contraction. Still, Time’s Arrow may exist for open systems; but we do not necessarily find it. Katalin Martinás’s enlightening comments are acknowledged; I received them in 1986.

A paper whose Word file comes from 1987! Really it was an archaeological excavation; and it was MS-DOS 3.0. But I have been successful at last. It is about Superconduction.

Rise and fall of Atarneus --- Hermeias, hope of old, multipolar Hellas, dies on the cross.

Cratippus or Ephorus? --- Ionians and maybe also Dorians told nonsense tales about the simplicity of Aeolians, and we learnt these texts. So we read and believe that Theopompus needed a rein while his friend Ephorus a spur. In the same time Ephorus wrote the first true Universal History in 30 Volumes (Strabo cites it 72 times); "and many others". I seem to detect some bias against Aeolians.

What is really pentatony? --- In Hungary pentatony is taught, but generally not understood, e.g. because it was used too much as a slogan; but also because we are in Europe, so our musicians speak about pentatony on a heptatonic terminology, which they call diatony as if the Universe of Sounds could be composed of 7 sounds for everybody. See the discussion on a covariant language, applicable for any Some Notes on a Hun-Armenian Little Dictionary from Belendjer, Northern Daghestan, peculiarly published. --- An 1500 year old linguistic relic now in a painting book. What language is behind? Are we descendants of these Belendjeris? I think, we are not.

Is Rusyn the Westernmost Eastern Slavic language or the Easternmost Western one? The text is Magyar with an English Abstract, because it was a lecture on a Butapest conference in Summer of 2000 (the Millennium) where the working languages were Magyar & Rusyn. --- Unfortunately then the planned Volume did not appear, and being the text in ChiWriter Hungarian, it took 10 years to convert (honest!).

Some Notes on Andronovo Culture where "Ugors" seem to have lived their normal Bronze Age childhood --- which then they have completely forgot, includind the very name of Bronze. I am not surprised if you do not believe the story; it is quite absurd, bur Archaeology is generally considered "more solid" than Linguistics. And the usual story with hunter-gatherer-fishers learning Iron technology & horsemanship in a busy forthnight is even more unbelievable.

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 1. --- Before Photons

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 2. --- XXth Century without Einstein

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 3. --- Quantization against Gravity?

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 4. --- Quantum Mechanics on an Alternate TimeLine

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 5. --- Hungary, 1974

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 6. --- A False But Promising Dawn

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 7. --- Some experiments

Way to Newtonian Quantum Gravity, Part 8. --- Up to 2005

Superman, Superwoman & Aristotle --- Methodical Aristotle Studies 01. Anomaly No. 1: Vast life energy in the family of wife Pythias?

The Companions of the Father-in-law of Aristotle --- Methodical Aristotle Studies 02. Question No. 2: Who were the Companions of Hermeias, what is their relation to Companions pf Philip? And: what do we know about the Shrine of Atarneus, and the rites there?

The Lost Books of Aristotle --- Methodical Aristotle Studies 03. Question No. 3: How much were lost, how, why and when?

Back to Aristotle? #1: Uranochemistry --- Is Chemistry Absolute, Relative or What? Is here a Terrestrial Chemistry, and Uranochemistry in the Heavens? Or rather: can we gain anything with Uranochemistry?

Back to Aristotle? #2: Above Paradigms --- Even interpolating between Aristotle & Newton if you like.

Back to Aristotle? #3: History vs. Celestial Mechanics? --- In XIXth century some astronomers calculated the historically important eclipses. So History became exact. Unfortunately now astronomers do not like these data. Collision between History and stronomy, or what?

Interpolating Between Aristotle and Simonyi --- My Simonyi Memorial speech on Oct. 15, 2010 at the HAS HQ

If it is not (true) then why (does it work)? 1: The Proto-Latin theory of Magyar language. --- Uralic Magyar hardly can be close relative to Indo-European Latin. Then how was it possible to find hundreds of proto-Latin etymologies in Magyar?

If it is not (true) then why (does it work)? 2: A Scenario of a great Hungarian poet about the Glorious Magyar Landtaking refused by all historians on sane grounds --- while later it has been proven conform with modern genetics unknown in the time of the poem.

If it is not (true) then why (does it work)? 3: The Malachy Prophecy (and Final Judgement) --- The Prophecy produces excellent hits; should we conclude that Closed TimeLines can be reached from Earth? And if not, then what else?

If it is not (true) then why (does it work)? 4: Joan of Arc, Causal Ordering and the History, which sometimes is strange --- Joan's Curriculum Vitae contain items which are impossible in chronologically well-ordered spacetimes. So either Earth is in a region not free from Closed Timelike Worldlines, or a significant part of the sources is sheer falsification. Of course falsifications are not unknown in History, but here itb seems rather impossible to excise any part of the story so that the tremaining story be free of problems.

Stirling Studies 1: Agglutinative Languages Not Spoken in Nantucket. --- S. M. Stirling likes Alternate History scenarios. Such scenarios impose nontrivial scientific/scholarly questions and I am going to comment a few. The first one: are agglutinative languages indeed hopeless for IE speakers?

Stirling Studies 2: Alternate, Terraformed Venus and Terrestrial Astronomy --- S. M. Stirling likes Alternate History scenarios. Such scenarios impose nontrivial scientific/scholarly questions and I am going to comment a few. The second one is double: 1) would not the visual appearance of a terraformed Venus have caused changes in terrestrial history well before Adams & Dunham; and 2) when and where could the Lords of Creation have picked up the ancestors of humanity transplanted to terraformed Venus?

Stirling Studies 3: Exactly What Types of Equations of State Are Needed to Rule Out Gunpowder & Steam Engines? --- S. M. Stirling likes Alternate History scenarios. Such scenarios impose nontrivial scientific/scholarly questions and I am going to comment a few. The third one is: what types of intermolecvulary forces/equations of state are needed to stop guns, cars, lovcomotives &c. as it happrns at 18h30m PST on March 17, 1998 in the Emberverse sequel (inherently coupled to the Nantucket Scenario). Of course, we canot know how the superhuman Alien Space Bats did this; but Thermodynamics is so powerful that we can guess what has been changed in the EoS of gases.

Stirling Studies 4: The Tall Neotenous Other Homo Sapiens. --- S. M. Stirling likes Alternate History scenarios. Such scenarios impose nontrivial scientific/scholarly questions and I am going to comment a few. The fourth one: LCTL Mars is populated by humanity, but by one transplanted 200 Mys ago and evolved divergently. And then the two humanities look at each other and...

Why Just Rome? --- Again the age-old question: why JUST Rome had become the capitol of half the world? Here is an answer from a new viewpoint.

A Little Tentative Etruscan Speech Acoustics. --- Why were 3 K-letters in Old Etruscan?

Mrs. Einstein or: publish or perish? --- Two Einsteins in one flat for 10 years; and still hardly an evidence.

On the Prehistory of Theatre --- Why do we not find Spartan, Theban or Argive proto-tragedies or even some fragments of them (or al least references to them), while Aristotle, the Stagirite does know that the idea was imported from the Peloponnesus?

The Great 7 --- What if Johnny von Neumann had learned the Septimal System in Hungarian Schools?

The Outlines of the History of the Finno-Ugric World --- The strange denasalisation pattern of "nch", the unique Ugric horse terminology, extinction of Mangyars and other such stories.

I am a regular member of Hungarian OTKA Grant No. T/029542: Entropic constraints for possible futures . So I comment the lecture of the team leader K. Martinás.

The Lapedo child

Neanderthals are just very popular in science; no surprise: their fate is both an historical mystery and an evolutionary question. Everybody is commenting them;then why not I, President of the Matter Evolution Subcommittee of the Geonomy Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. So see and enjoy the Lapedo Child and the Szeleta Men, and remember Neanderthal.

The Earth-Moon system does queer phenomena; a comment to Fomenkology>

Hungarian history may be used to check Fomenkology, because Hungary was connected to Russia, Byzance and the West before 1300; second comment to Fomenkology>

Anomalies are in our Aristotle picture. Would New Chronology help? My third comment to Fomenkology>

Comments on Babylonian Chronology Arrows of Time, Phantom Times, Lowermost Chronology of Gurzadyan

There are anomalies in Ptolemy's Almagest and Geographika - then what?Fomenko believes that if the Star Catalog starts with Polaris, Ptolemy must have lived in times when already Polaris was the polestar. But why are the spreads of longitudes in Geographika so moderate, while all the longitudes are wrong because of the wrong radius of Earth? I think in Early Middle Ages Science was more alive than it is generally believed; but I believe only the problems, not yet the answers.

In Fomenko's New Chronology we know History for 700 years; between 1300 and 1925 female skirts were long, for the last 80 years they are rather long. In our history they were long at least from 2000 BC to 1925 AD. Sociological explanations are welcome for the constancy. Also, Hungary is again somewhat an exception althouygh not just in Fomenkoan sense.

Two Szekler Churches in c. 1890 had inscriptions that they were erected in 575 and 655, the earliest reconstruable states seem Early Gothic. Even Fomenko's New Chronology cannot intepret this. Can any historical paradigm do?

Birds'eye view on the dimensionalities of spaces

Yamaguchi's horserider Pharaohs - An interesting family in the history of Japan

Hungary has 2 names in Japan. One is similar for construction to most countries: a katakana-written name taken from the international name of Hungary.

However the other name is written in kanjis as only Eikoku=UK and Beikoku=USA on the West; Hungary is the third Western kanji country. You may ask: why this preference? I would add: why is Hungary called HUNGary at all? (And what is the pronounciation of the Japanese Kanji name?) Historical questions are seldom trivial and historical facts are seldom facts.

János Bolyai, first constructor of a non-Euclidean geometry was born 200 years ago.

Let us remember him. Still efforts are needed to write his biography; a lot of things are not understood in his life. Maybe we force Information into a wrong scheme.

Count Rumford, Benjamin Thompson, not only directed the Bavarian Arsenal, invented the Rumford Soup (and so went even into Marx' Capital, and found experimental evidences against Lavoisier's Heat Fluid; he invented the best fireplace of kitchens too and found a thermodynamic way to displease his wife. Thermodynamics is mighty; you should better study it.

The Portales Valley meteorite helps us to understand genetic connection and difference between chondrites and achondrites, primitive achondrites and basalts.

Honour for the mighty deceased - The (necessarily) Incomplete List of Avar Khagans

The Outlines of the History of the Carpathian Basin; from the viewpoint of the Basin itself, not of the peoples

Hungary's convergence to (Western and West-Central) Europe from the viewpoint of Long-Range Regulators from her formation on the Christmas of 1000 ADb almost till joining the European Union (sorry, the conference was held in 1994).

Whose Cid? ----Aesthetes tell us that Sir Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar got his honorific title from the enemy. Indeed "Cid" means cca. "Lord" in Arab. But also in another language, whose speakers considered Sir Rodrigo their leader.

Green stars, Celestial Cows, Daltonian dogs, Tetrachromat Witches and other exotic things about colours; and Riemannian Geometry --- With Riemannian Geometry a Daltonian man can understand trichromat men (although still will have problems getting driver's license, but others' answers will be reasonable for him). A trichromat woman can understand her tetrachromat friend. Any man will still remain inferior in colour vision to a Tetrachromat Witch, but will partly understand her (what remains obscure will be the feminine text, but most men have verbal problems confronted with women). And if you are not interested in Riemannian Geometry (even many physicists are not), still you can enjoy its logic. Note that at finishing Technische Hochschule, even Einstein did not know what was it (see The Love Letters, Einstein to Mileva Marity, born in Titel, Bács-Bodrog County, Hungary), but then in 1912 his friend Marcell Grossmann (born in Budapest, Hungary) told him the formalism. Then came General Relativity. It is useful to know Riemannian Geometry. And colour space is not Euclidean.

The colour world of tetrachromats (almost all of them necessarily women) is richer than that of men, majority women, TV, and PC minitors. --- A trichromat cannot see this world. Still a trichromat physicist can describe how this supervision operates, and that how the subject should speak about her colour world. Can we explain this world to you?

On the proper colour of the string of fringes. --- What is tekhelet? Blue? Purple? Tyrian Purple? Glaucus? Roman Catholic OT and Weinberg's Colour Theory help somewhat.

Where are the null points of the chemical potentials; or where should they at least be? --- A piece of Riemann Geometrical Thermodynamics; obviously uninteresting for Riemann Geometrical Thermodynamists; at least they do not cite it. Also Dr. Martinás does not cite it, which is interesting enough, considering that:

The First Law is going back to French Enlightment. Second Law goes back to Sadi Carnot, son of a leader of France during Directory. Third Law was manufactured by Nernst, a century ago, who became a Herr Professor, Prussian landowner and such. Now Dr. Martinás recognised the need for other similar Laws in 1980 and made a Fourth. In 1984 we together made a Fifth, but some necessity was not yet satisfied.

Here is a first approach to the Sixths. And Dr. Martinás does not cite/comment it for 9 years! My duty is to show it to World, and then I cannot be blamed. Here it is.

Economy in itself never can satisfy the Gibbs-Duhem Relations Xrdyr=0, so Economy in itself cannot have a thermodynamic formalism. Economy+Ecology together may, or may not. --- Only on Venus and Jupiter might this be otherwise. So the Bródy-Martinás-Sajó model is oversimplified on Earth. Half of this statement can be find already at Aristotle. (I mean, ecliptic and seasons.)

The story of an ancient inflation. --- Even noble metal coins may inflate; and especially so when chemistry was still in its infancy.

Odysseus, as the New Man (according to Jaynes & Cosmic Abundances). --- In post-Palatial Greece Tin was hard to get because it needed long-range trade. Could you maintain Bronze Age without new Bronze? FeO was everywhere around.

Vesta in her own gravity --- How to describe a liquid silicate mixture in its own gravity; and why this is not trivial

Sir Béla of Eastmarch is dead --- He is not I; but who will manufacture now time-travel paradoxes of history?

A lost Unified Theory? --- In his litterary activity colleague Poul Anderson has elaborated an idea that if Planck and Einstein (had) met in 1901, the next years would (have) result(ed) in the United Theory of Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics (parentheses are for the ambiguity of Real in QM). I do not believe this, and the text will explain why not and how not. But what if Planck and somebody unifies Quantization and Gravity before General Relativity? There were 16 years for this...

A Forgotten Kingdom

A (moderately) polysynthetic language goes to EU Or: from the neighbourhood of Dene-Caucasian-populated Yenissei Valley to the neighbourhood of Indo-European-populated Bruxelles.

Who drove two boars at Nao Hill? ---Lad or wench? If you see a Chinese poem, even this may remain obscure because of lack of genders. Still, Chinese, Japanese or Magyar are viable languages.

How to unify all fundamental theories; and why we are still unsuccessful? ---And look at the QUANTUMNESS+GRAVITY unification. We cannot describe the samallest living systems for mere physical reasons. A relic from 1995.

Something about O(bjective) R(eduction), objectively measured in 1975 and published in 1991. ---Penrose and Hameroff believe that Orch OR is behind consciousness. Here is an OR, measured as usual in Cosmic Ray Physics. OK, they are not Orch; there are no microtubules around only photoemulsion. A relic from 1994.

Our experimental paper about the limitations of QM. ---After 20s we verified Jánossy's prediction. Proton tracks indeed zigzag and some part of the zigzagging would not be expected. A relic from 1991.

Is our Mind single or multiple? ---Our ancestors seem to have had multiple Consciences, 600 My ago. A relic from 1993.

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Nóra Fáy on the titanium content of meteorites ---Is it not interesting that Ti is more abundant in basaltic meteorites than chondritic ones; and that the Ti content correlates to Al but anticorrelates to Mg? Why?

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