Horváth, Dezső


Horváth Dezső


Department Head, Scientific Advisor

Professional details


MSc: Roland Eötvös University, Budapest, 1970.
Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences (appr. eqiv. PhD):Russian Academy of Sciences, Dubna, 1979.
Doctor of Physical Sciences:
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, 1987.
Habilitation: Lajos Kossuth University, Debrecen,
Hungary, 1997.

Research experience and interest: 

Experimental activity in international collaborations at:
680 MeV Synchrocyclotron, JINR, Dubna, Russia: 1974-1979;
1 GeV Synchrocyclotron, LNPI, Gatchina, Russia: 1979-82;
TRIUMF Cyclotron, Vancouver, Canada: 1982-87;
AGS, BNL, Upton, N.Y., USA: 1986-89;
LEAR, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland: 1989-96;
SIN/PSI Cyclotron, Villigen, Switzerland: 1991-93;
LEP, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland: 1995-2000;
AD, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland: 2000-.
CMS, LHC, Geneva, Switzerland: 2005-;


Particle Physics Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science: 1994-, Its secretary: 2003-2008
European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA): 2003-2007
Editorial Board of Fizikai Szemle, the journal of Roland Eötvös Physical Society of Hungary: 2003-
Computer Users' Committee of RMKI, Chairman: 1995-2004
Grid Committee of RMKI, Chairman: 2003-
European Particle Physics Outreach Group, member, 2007 -
Dubna Committee of Hungarian Academy of Science, Chairman, 2008-
Informatics Ad-hoc Strategic Committee of Hungarian Academy of Science, member, 2009-
Scientific Committee of Natural Sciences of Hungarian Academy of Science, member, 2008-

Most important publications: 

More than 400 publications related to the following topics (in chronological order):
low energy nuclear physics;
positron annihilation in solids;
pion chemistry; muon catalyzed fusion;
formation and decay of exotic atoms;
Mössbauer spectroscopy of amorphous systems;
high energy gamma spectroscopy;
antiproton and muon deceleration; antihydrogen physics;
laser spectroscopy of antiprotonic atoms;
LEP physics (Higgs search in the OPAL Collaboration);
search for supersymmetry at LHC in the CMS Collaboration.

Prizes and Awards: 

JINR Prize for Best Experiment, 1979
KFKI Jánossy Prize, 1981
Pál Selényi Prize of Roland Eötvös Physical Society, 1989
Academy Prize of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2009


University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary:
Undergraduate courses:
Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics (two terms)
Fundamental Experiments in Particle Physics (one term)
Postgraduate (PhD) courses:
The Standard Model: its Structure and Experimental Verification (two terms)
Experimental Technics of High Energy Physics (one term)

University of Debrecen, Roland Eötvös University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics:
Supervising graduate students: 8 MSc and 3 PhD degrees
attained (last 10 years), 3 PhD students are still active.


Born, family: 

Budapest, 1946.09.30, married, 2 children, 3 grandchildren


English, Russian, Italian