2010 was the year of the LHC considering its presence in the media.
The researchers of the KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics were eager to fulfill their media information commitment: they have been interviewed by public service and commercial television and radio channels, on-line newspapers, they have been giving talks about the topic in high schools and higher education institutions and have been supporting the operation of the CERNBLOG ( which provides actual news about the LHC permanently. The researcher’s presentations have not concerned only the high energy particle physics but other research areas as well. Through these activities the academic aims have become more digestible to the people contributing to the improvement of the approval and support of the research activity led by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The researchers of the RMKI are certainly available to the representatives of the press in the future as well.
For further information please contact RMKI secretariat at or phone number +36-1-392-2512.