According to the tasks desrcibed in the deed of foundation as well as those assigned by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences the Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics (RMKI) has conducted successful experimental and theoretical basic research in the field of particle physics, nuclear physics, plasmaphysics, the physics of cool atoms, space physics, nuclear solid state physics, nuclear material science as well as biological applications of physics. The main fields of developments were: laser physics, nuclear analytics, fusion plasma diagnostics, space technology, fast data processing, spectroscopy, special instruments for electronics, mechanics and information technology inculding softwares for various operating systems. As the leading institution of the Hungarian Euratom Fusion Society RMKI coordinated the Hungarian R+D activity in controlled fusion energy production research. It has also improved and operated the EG-2R electrostatic accelerator together with the NIK Heavy Ion Implanter facility, the MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxy device as well as the GRID system and other high power computer networks. It has developed and operated the computer network of the KFKI Campus and serves as the regional center of the National Information and Infrastructure Development Program.  


RMKI Annual Report 2010

RMKI Detailed reports: