Vecseiné Sándor, Nóra


Vecseiné Sándor Nóra


young research fellow

Professional details


RMKI young researcher


2008            Scholarship at KFKI, RMKI of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2003-2008 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Physics

Research experience and interest: 

coherent control of atomic quantum states by frequency-chirped laser pulses (further interests: quantum informatics, nonlinear optics)


Roland Eötvös Physical Society

Most important publications: 


  1. G. P. Djotyan, N. Sándor, J. S. Bakos, and Zs. Sörlei; J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 26, 10:1959-1966 (2009)
  2. G.P. Djotyan, J.S. Bakos, Zs. Sörlei, G. Demeter, N. Sándor, D. Dzsotján, M.Á. Kedves, B. Ráczkevi, P.N. Ignácz, and J. Szigeti: Frequency chirped laser pulses in atomic physics: Coherent control of inner and translational quantum states. Editors: Gagik Yu. Kryuchkyan, Gagik G. Gurzadyan, Aram V. Papoyan Word Scienti_c Publishing Co. Ptc. Ltd. 5 Toh Tuc Link, Singapore 596224, pp77-91. ISBN 13 978-981-4313-26-1 (2010)
  3. Djotyan G. P., Sandor N., Bakos J. S., Sörlei Zs. Optical phase information writing and storage in populations of metastable quantum states; Proceedings of Conference on Laser Physics, Ashtarak (2008)
  4. Djotyan G. P., Bakos J. S., Sörlei Zs., Dzsotjan D., Sándor N., Jotyan A. P., Avetisyan A. A. All-optical writing and storage of images using multilevel quantum systems and frequency-chirped laser pulses; Proceedings of Conference on Laser Physics, Ashtarak (2007)


  1. Introduction in probability theory (University of Pécs)
  2. Analysis by means of Maple (University of Pécs)
  3. Introduction in Mathematics (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)



Born, family: 

1985.07.16, Budapest; married


English (fluent), French (intermediate)