Teaching experience

at the Budapesti Müszaki Egyetem, (TU) Budapest, Hungary

Path integral in the field theory (SS 1999, Tu 8-10, feb. 16., BME F 1)
Variational Principles in Physics (SS 1999, Tu 10-12, Feb. 16., BME F 1)
Exercises to Electrodynamics (SS 1999, Th 14-16, Feb. 18., BME T65.)

Nuclear Physics 2 (Field Theory) (WS 1999, We 10-13, sep. 15., BME R.307)
Exercises to Nuclear and Particle Physics (WS 1998/99)
Introduction into the method of path integrals (WS 1998/99, Tu 8-10, Sep 14, BME F 1)
Big Bang in the Lab (WS 1998/99, We 15 - 17, Sep. 15, BME F 1)
Exercises to Electrodynamics (SS 1998)

at the Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem, Budapest, Hungary

Path Integral in Physics (SS 1998)
Variational Principles in Physics (WS 1997/98)
Big Bang in the Lab (WS 1995/96/97)
Applications of Chaos in Heavy Ion Physics (WS 1994/95)
Quark Gluon Plasma (WS 1994/95)

at the Justus-Liebig-Universität, Giessen, Germany

Introduction into the Theory of Path Integrals (SS 1994)
Seminar about Quantum Mechanics (SS 1994)
Theory of Gravitation (WS 1993/94)
Seminar about Computational Physics (WS 1993/94)
Special and General Relativity (SS 1993)
Variational Principles in Physics (WS 1992/93)
Seminar about Models of Nuclei (WS 1992/93)
Seminar about General Relativity (SS 1992)
Seminar about Scattering Theory (WS 1991/92)
Fields, Symmetries, Quarks (SS 1991)
Introduction into the Theory of Special Relativity (WS 1990/91)
Quark Gluon Plasma (SS 1990)
Seminar about special problems of Electrodynamics (WS 1989/90)
Theory of Path Integrals (SS 1989)
Introduction into the Theory of Path Integrals (WS 1988/89)
Seminar about Nuclear Many Body Physics (SS 1988)

at the Duke University, Durham, North-Carolina, USA

Nuclear and Particle Physics (02.- 04.1990)

Thesis Projects

Summer Project