Conventional high sensitivity conventional and external beam PIXE setup:

The setup is established on the 5 MeV EG-2R Van de Graaff accelerator of KFKI RMKI. The IN-AIR PIXE is combined with a versatile positioning stages for sample objects varying from grams up to 10 kgs.


Scanning proton microprobe:

The scanning proton microprobe is installed at the 5 MV Van de Graaff accelerator of the KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics. It is an upgraded version of the Hamburg MP dismantled in 2001. The probe forming system includes a pair of focusing quadrupoles and an additional quadrupole pair in front of it, which is applied to increase the proton beam divergence. The fine focusing is performed by a computer controlled procedure optimizing the contrast of the secondary electron image of a hexagonal copper grid.


Special XRF system for the analysis of archeological objects in laboratory environment:

The setup applies Fe-55, Cd-109 and Am-241radioisotopes as primary exciting source, high energy resolution horizontal and vertical Si(Li) detectors and a multipurpose stage for positioning the archeological objects.

Portable XRF spectrometer for “in situ” applications:

The AMPTEK MINI-X X-ray tube is combined with the AMPTEK X-123 XRF spectrometer or with AMTEK XR-100CR Si-PIN X-ray detector and MCA-8000A multichannel Analyzer. Radioistopes Fe-55, Cd-109 and Am-241 also can be used as primary exciting source.