Minisymposium on Computational Neuroscience


The Deptartment of Biophysics of the KFKI Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences organizes a small-scale, informal symposium on different aspects of Computational Neuroscience on the 21th of September at the KFKICampus.

10.00-10.05 Péter Érdi: Introduction
10.05-11.05 Malcolm P. Young: The 2nd generation of neuroinformatics
11.10-12.10 Ichiro Tsuda: Chaotic brain dynamics in the skew product transformations
12.15-14.05 Lunch and laboratory visit
14.10-15.10 Péter András: A view on the role of neural chaos
15.16-16.15 Gábor Csárdi and Tamás Kiss: Large-scale simulation of neural systems
16.15-17.00 Discussion on data-base driven neural simulations
17.05-18.00 Discussion on grid-based neuroinformatics
19.00-> Social events