Software package for complex network analysis

The igraph library

The igraph library is a collection of functions for creating and manipulating graphs. It's main design goal is efficiency. It has started as an additional package to the GNU R statistical environment, but now most of its functionality is written in C and is available as a separate library.

You can download igraph from its SourceForge page or
visit its homepage for download options and documentation.

Contact Gábor Csárdi for question and comments.

The SNA package

Several free software packages are available on the Internet regarding the analysis and visualization of social networks represented as graphs. However, most of them have some shortcomings like platform-dependency (mostly on Windows) or the inability to cope with large datasets (graphs with tens of thousands of edges and vertices).

The aim of the SNA (Sixdegrees Network Analyser) project is to develop a user-friendly, programmable, platform-independent, open-source software package suitable for the analysis and visualization of large graphs and networks. Although its primary targets are graphs representing social structures, it is suitable for other types of graphs as well. SNA uses the igraph library (see above) as a backend, but the embedded interpreter based on the Python language allows the user to perform analysis and write scripts without detailed knowledge of C.

SNA is in early development stage now and not suitable for production use. The most recent version is 0.1.2, available for download from Sourceforge as a Windows self-extracting executable, as a separate package for Debian Linux (depending on the igraph library) or as plain source code. The releases of SNA are more or less synchronized with igraph.

For Linux and Mac OS X compilation instructions, see the homepage of the project or contact Tamás Nepusz. Questions and constructive comments are also welcome.


SNA visualising a Barabási-Albert graph with 100 nodes

SNA screenshot