Complete list (MTMT)


1) Physics is absolute, free of observers.

2) Thermodynamics is a stability theory.

Strategy: understand the evolution equations of physics with/from these principles.

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Selected presentations:

  1. Messina lectures I Galilean objectivity (Messina, Italy, 2015 November-December) (pdf)
  2. Messina lectures II Equilibrium, ordinary and continuum thermodynamics (Messina, Italy, 2016 March-April) (pdf)
  3. Classical and quantum parts in Madelung variables (Wigner111, Budapest, Hungary, 2013 November) (pdf)
  4. Thermodynamics of continua: the challenge of universality (JETC'13, Brescia, Italy, 2013 July) (odp, pdf)
  5. Thermodynamics of relativistic fluids (5th Leopoldo Garcia-Colin Mexican Meeting on Mathematical Physics, Mexico City, Mexico, 2013 September) (pdf)
  6. Temperature and heat conduction beyond Fourier law (Tallinn, Estonia, 2011 February, CENS) (ppsx, pdf)
  7. Nonextensive thermostatistics and Lesche stabil ty (Zimányi Winter School, Budapest, Hungary, 2009 December) (pps, pdf)
  8. Relation of rock mas characterization and damage (Eurock'09, Cavtat, Croatia, 2009 October) (pps, pdf)
  9. Objectivity and constitutive modelling (Complexity of Nonlinear Waves, Tallinn, Estonia, 2009 October) (pps, pdf)
  10. Thermodynamics, plasticity and rheology (ESMC'09, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009 September) (pps, pdf)
  11. Objectivity and continuum mechanics (ESMC'09 poster, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009 September) (pps)
  12. Hydrodynamics, stability and temperature (Cape Town, Rep. of South Africa, 2008 December) (pps, pdf)
  13. Thermodynamics of relativistic fluids (SigmaPhi'08, Kolymbari, Crete, 2008 July) (pps, pdf)
  14. Objective time derivatives in non-equilibrium thermodynamics (CENS-CMA Workshop, Tallinn, Estonia, 2008 March) (pps, pdf)
  15. Weakly nonlocal nonequilibrium themrodynamics - fluids and beyond (Zürich, 2007 April, ETH) (pps)
  16. Three lectures on thermodynamics (Potenza, 2006 September; short phd course at the University of Basilicata) (WNL, WNLHeat, Objectivity)
  17. What is thermodynamics and what is it for? (Tallin, 2006 May, April; 2 lectures at CENS) (Discrete, Continuum )
  18. Rock rheology - time dependence of dilation and stress around a tunnel (Eurock'06, Liége) (pps, pdf)
  19. Can material time derivative be objective? (ThermoCon'05, Messina) (pps, pdf)
  20. Unique additive information measures - Boltzmann-Gibbs-Shannon, Fisher and beyond (NEXT-SIGMAPHI'05, Crete) (pps, pdf)
  21. Weakly nonlocal thermodynamics and fluid mechanics (Italy 2004, Torino, Bologna, Messina, Salerno.) (pps1, ps1), (pps2, ps2)
  22. One- and two component weakly nonlocal fluids (NEXT'03, Sardinia, Capo Boi) (pps, ps)
  23. Classical and nonlocal theories of non-equilibrium thermodynamics (Berlin 2002, TU and Hahn-Meitner Inst.) (pps, ps)
  24. The meaning of the second law: nonlocal effects in continuum physics (CNNS'02 workshop) (pps, ps)